The First Site That I Recommend is…

Swagbucks! I joined this site about five weeks ago, and in the first three weeks I earned a $5 Amazon gift card.

What is this site?

Swagbucks is a site that awards you points for doing searches that you would do anyways. You will win various amounts from Swagbucks at random when doing searches through their site – or through the toolbar that you can download (which is what I do). As I mentioned above, I earned $5 in my first three weeks for doing searches that I would have done regardless.

Who is this site for?

This site can be used effortlessly by anyone who uses the internet for anything! Earning through Swagbucks takes no effort – other than completing the initial registration and, if you want to, downloading the toolbar. After that just search as you normally would.

Can you refer friends?

Yes, and all links that I post to Swagbucks are my own referral link. When someone joins through your referral link you get the same amount of points that they win – I believe that there may be some type of limit to this, but I have not experience any thus far.

How much will you earn?

I would say about $5 (in an Amazon gift card) a month, which is not a lot, but remember, you are getting this for “nothing”.

My approval rating:

I give this site a 7 out of 7! 🙂

Register for Swagbucks now!

* You can use the swagbucks for things other than Amazon gift cards, I just feel that the gift cards are the best value.


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Welcome to My Journey!

So, I have had a few blogs thus far, and currently keep up a general one about my everyday life in addition to this one, but I have never blogged specifically about making money. I am on a journey to find the best places to earn money online.

I decided to create this blog when I came across a blog where the author said that they wished that they had started a blog about their journey to earn money online when they first started. I haven’t come very far on my journey, thus far, and I am no expert, but I will enjoy keeping track of my progress and I hope that you will enjoy reading about it.

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